13,000 teachers, staff listed for MPO

17,000 still out of the facility

Md Solamain Salman

22nd June, 2020 09:47:33 printer

13,000 teachers, staff listed for MPO

A total of 13,014 teachers and employees have been listed for Monthly Pay Order (MPO) facility in two phases but around 17000 teachers and staff are still out of the facility.  

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on October 24 last year announced the names of 2,730 non-government educational institutions for the MPO facility across the country.

After scrutinizing the list in last six months, on April 29, the Education Ministry finalised the names of 2,615 educational institutions to provide the MPO facilities.

Of them, the ministry’s Secondary and Higher Education Division finalised 1,633 School-College and Technical and Madrasah division finalised 982 educational institutions.

Around 30,000 teachers and employees from the new 2,615 MPO-listed institutions get scope to be listed for the MPO scheme to receive their salaries and other benefits.

After scrutinizing applications of the teachers and staff, a total of 13,014 teachers and staff out of 30,000 get the MPO facilities in two phases but the rest of 17,000 are still out of the facilities.

The newly listed teachers and staff of institutions will enjoy the MPO facilities from July 2019 though the process delayed due to different complexities.

According to the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE), the numbers of teachers and staff are around 17,000 from 1,615 schools-colleges under the DSHE.

A total of 9001 teachers and employees got the MPO out of the 17,000 applications. Of them, 3,626 got the MPO facilities in first phase on May 16 and 5,375 got the facility in second phase on Thursday.

Besides, around 13,000 teachers and staff from 982 educational institutions under Technical and Madrasah education division got scope for submitting applications to be listed for the MPO facilities but only 4,040 teachers and staff got the MPO in two phases.

Of them, 1,374 teachers and staff of Madrasah got MPO in first phase on May 16 while 2,545 in second phase on Thursday under the Directorate of Madrasah Education.

But the numbers of MPO getting teachers and staff are very poor from the technical school and college under the Directorate of Technical Education as only 121 teachers and staff listed for the facility in first phase on May 16.

Around 17,000 teachers and staff of the newly enlisted MPO educational institutions are still out of the facilities though they got scope for applying in two phases for the facility.

Teachers’ sources said they could not be included in the MPO facility due to various difficulties though they had scope to get the facility. They said around 40 types of paper of different documents were sought from the directorates along with the application. Many teachers cannot collect all the required papers while many of them submitted applications but there were some mistakes. Allegations were also found that many teacher’ submitted new documents and someone submitted unclear papers.

DSHE Director (Secondary) Md Balal Hossain said, “Opportunities have been given to the teachers and staff of the new MPO-listed institutions in two phases for listing them in the facility but many of them are still out the facility.”

Some applications of the teachers have been rejected due to error while a large number of teachers have not applied yet to get the MPO, he said.

The official further said, “Now they will collect information from the regional education offices about the teachers and staff who did not get the MPO. Then a decision will be taken about them. Maybe they will get another chance.”

Officials concerned said there is enough allocation for the MPO benefits for teachers and staff in the current fiscal year and the newly listed teachers in the MPO will enjoy the facilities from July 2019.

However, since the current financial year is coming to an end within a few days. So, the possibility of listing teachers and staff in the MPO facility is very little in this fiscal.

As a result, there is an uncertainty whether the teachers and staff who failed to get the MPO in the current fiscal year will get salary and allowances of the current financial year when they will get MPO in the next fiscal.