First ‘Red Zone’ area declared in Cox’s Bazar

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5th June, 2020 08:06:36 printer

First ‘Red Zone’ area declared in Cox’s Bazar

Ten municipal wards out of twelve in Cox’s Bazar municipality have been declared ‘Red Zone’ area, first such declaration in the country, to prevent the surge of the Covid-19 infection and corona death.

The declaration was made by Md. Kamal Hossain, Deputy Commissioner of Cox’s Bazar and which came to effect from Friday.

At the same time, two wards—ward No. 1 and 12—have been declared ‘Yellow Zone’, according to the local correspondent.

Strict sections on roaming to other areas of the town were imposed on the dwellers of “Red Zone” area.

Deputy Commissioner Kamal Hossain said, a combined committee comprising of representatives from different government departments has been formed in each ward of the municipality to monitoring coronavirus situation. Respective ward commissioner will be heading the committee.

The areas were categorized in different zones on the basis of the number of detected Covid-19 patients.