Pvt varsities running illegal campus

Md Solamain Salman

18th May, 2020 10:30:04 printer

Pvt varsities running illegal campus

The country’s nine private universities are operating unapproved campuses and another one is running illegal campus, violating the private university act.       

The University Grants Commission (UGC) alerted admission seekers to the risks of admission to the 27 private universities including the aforesaid ten universities.

UGC sources said IBAIS University is running illegal campus as it has no approved address at present and a case filed over the dispute regarding the Board of Trustees of the university is now pending.

Nine private universities are operating unapproved campus. Of them, the University of South Asia is running one campus at Black-C in Banani, University of Development Alternative is operating eight campus in the area of Dhanmondi and Lalmatia, Eastern University is running one in Dhanmondhi, Daffodil International University is running three campus in Dhanmondi, Uttara university is operating five campus in Uttara area, Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology is running five campus in Uttara, Victoria University of Bangladesh is running two campus in Panthapath area, Southeast University is running four campus in Banani area, and Northern University of Bangladesh is operating two campus on Mirpur road and in Kawranbazar area in the capital.

UGC in a notice on March 22 alerted students to the risks of admission to 17 other private universities outlining the current state of the universities.

Of the 17 universities, operation of America Bangladesh University was stopped by the government but it now operating through taking a stay order from the High Court.

Southern University of Bangladesh is also running by the stay order of the court and a case is also pending over the dispute of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the university.

There is also a dispute among the members of BoT at Sylhet International University. The Education Ministry sent letter declaring Shamim Ahmed as the legal authority of the university. But another group filed a case challenging the ministry’s letter which is now pending.

There is also dispute over the BoT of the Britannia University established in 2003 in Cumilla.

Two universities are running unapproved programmes. Of them, ZH Sikder University of Science and Technology is conducting MA in English Programme and Pundra University of Science & Technology is running LLB 4-year course, LLM-1 year and LLM-2 years courses without the UGC approval.

There is no approval to run academic activities at two universities. Of them, after closing the Queens University, the education ministry, on September 6, 2015, gave permission to the university to run its academic activities for one year on a temporary basis. But the university could not start it within the time.

Besides, The University of Comilla established in 1995 was closed by the government on October 22, 2016, but the varsity authorities got a court verdict in its favour on December 15, 2016. Later on February 7, 2018, the education ministry allowed it to carry on its activities and formed a committee to visit the university to know its facilities necessary for running academic activities.

When the UGC sent a letter to the university for the visit, the university authorities filed a writ challenging the letter and the court issued a stay order. But the UGC filed an appeal challenging the order.

Later, UGC uploaded 43 programmes and address of the University of Cumilla on its website following the court order but UGC on February 2 this year did not find the existence of activities of the university during a visit to the address of the university.

Meanwhile, the government earlier banned all the activities of Darul Ihsan University following a court order and the activity of the university is now remaining closed.

UGC also alerted admission seekers not to admit to the newly established six private universities -- Rabindra Srijonkola University, Rupayan AKM Shamsuzzoha University, Ahsania Mission University of Science and Technology, Shah Makhdum Management University, Trust University in Barishal and Khulna Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah University—as the universities are yet to get approval for academic activities.

Gono Bishwabidyalay is running unapproved BBA, Environmental Science, MBBS, BDS, and Physiotherapy programmes. The university is running the unapproved programmes for several years with stay order from the High Court Division.

UGC Director (Private University) Dr Md Fakhrul Islam said “Neither the education ministry nor the UGC will take responsibilities if any student gets admission to any unapproved private university or unapproved campus, programme or course.”

He suggested the students to enrol only at approved campus, programme or course of the private universities.

“UGC has not permitted any foreign university to set up branch, campus or study centre in Bangladesh,” the official also said, warning the students against admission to such entities.