Our Prayers for Our Prime Minister and Her Government

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14th May, 2020 11:34:07 printer

Our Prayers for Our Prime Minister and Her Government


As the entire human race has been under the scourge of novel coronavirus for months together we fervently pray for all world bodies, countries and their leaders during this dark time for their leadership. We especially fervently pray for our honourable Prime Minister and members of her cabinet and all health professionals, researchers, volunteers who have been doing their best to bring the corona problem under control as well as to help the needy millions who have been passing through a rather tough time due to lack of food and sustenance. We thank God for the glorious life, matchless patriotism and tireless work of our beloved Prime Minister, the head of our government who has been serving the country and the people with unparalleled love and commitment. We pray that she will enjoy good health as she continues to serve and lead the nation. She has been known, not only in our country, as a person of great political acumen, love and dedication for all people especially the poor and marginalised, but also for her contribution to the cause of upholding sustainable justice and peace in the world at large. All people of our country irrespective of religion have been praying for all concerned during this critical time. We fervently pray at our homes and at all our places of worship, especially for the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as she is leading us as a nation like the Supreme Captain in our colossal fight against coronavirus. It is she on whom we look to most as she spends all of her time and talent totally dedicated that we may see light and hope as we are now to plod  in darkness of a valley of death.

During this very hard time when the entire human family world over has been facing the curse of the coronavirus onslaught killing thousands of people every day. The tiniest virus of corona has proved enough to have been really a hydra-headed monster. All of us are passing restless time mentally, economically, psychologically, socially, spiritually and so on. We have no area in our life that the pandemic has not unsettled. So continue to submit in humble prayers to the Almighty and Sovereign Creator and Lord of all creation that He may intervene in His holy love and grace during the perilous journey of Man, the crown of His creation—the journey of human civilisation.

Bangladesh is barely a developing country. Most of our people are middle class and lower middle class people with low income. There are millions who are poor and the poorest. Now they are facing the problems of unemployment and as such acute food crisis. Our Prime Minister and the government machinery are doing distribution of emergency food relief. She has also undertaken different schemes of helping the needy people, groups and organisations, et cetera with ‘financial incentives’ requiring huge amount of money.

We pray for all people, especially for the local government and the elected representatives of the people so that they may do all the activities with integrity, justice and fairness so that all the needy and marooned people receive the emergency relief whatever is given. Already many corrupt and dishonest people have been identified and are booked for their nefarious activities. It is too big a sin to play with the lot of the helpless millions. Repeatedly the Prime Minister has been mentioning of zero tolerance towards this kind of crimes. Nevertheless, there is no dearth of people with ill-motive in our society. Dishonesty and lack of good and efficient management and lack of commitment to be with the mass of men and women always frustrate all our initiatives and plans for development and progress. The government authority must do all they can so as to ensure that all and every possible emergency help and relief must reach the needy and helpless people, irrespective of political affiliation, cast or creed. This is the wholehearted wish of the Prime Minister. So it should be true with all people handling this noble work now. There is no alternative to integrity and loving concern for the people. Our Prime Minister has always been the most glaring example of unfathomable love for the people. Truly, she is the embodiment of hopes and aspirations of our people. Needless to say that she has inherited all such sterling qualities from her father, the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. May she have a long life, a life of more and more blessings for our people!

Already known as ‘the Mother of humanity’ Sheikh Hasina has also made a clarion call to the world leaders to join hands with one another for the solution of the corona crisis through the World Health Organisation (WHO). In an article published in a certain English daily dated 26 April she is quoted having written to WHO Director General Dr T A Gheybereyeusus: “I will urge everyone to consider this crisis as a wakeup call for global coordination to effectively deal with any future world catastrophe and for putting more policy and financial focus on health issues like capacity building and achievement of health security for all.” This testified to her foresightedness and wisdom. This unprecedented fear of the plague with all its paraphernalia continue to get intensified due to the fact that no progress has yet been made for medically or clinically address the issue anywhere in the world. Here is also an area for our prayer. We pray that God may grant all the scientists and researchers more wisdom and knowledge so that they can invent effective treatment for COVID-19. May they are endowed with merit for finding inoculation and immunisation against this as well. ‘God has created man wonderfully and fearfully’, sang the Psalmist. The so-called coronavirus cannot and will not prevail over the Crown of Creation for long! But meantime may we come to our Loving and forgiving Creator and prayerfully submit to Him and acknowledge that He is the Supreme authority in our lives and that we cannot go far violating His holy decrees for our life.

More than 99% people of Bangladesh, I reckon, are God-fearing: we adhere to one faith-system or another. We believe that when people turn to Allah or Ishwar or God in genuine humility and supplication He hears their prayer. God can do what man cannot. The concept, practice and experience of prayer constitute vast areas almost all faiths or religions. Man is a praying animal. Prayer endows him with power from above.

The writer is a Christian Theology teacher.