Govt sticks to development vision despite corona fallout

Hasibul Aman

13th May, 2020 10:11:59 printer

Govt sticks to development vision despite corona fallout

Even though the country’s economy is reeling under the Covid-19 fallout, the government remains steadfast in its near and long-term development vision. 

The New ADP for FY’21 is more focused on health and agriculture sectors amid virus attack while the local government division and transport sector still fetched the highest allocations.

Planning Commission in an extended meeting on Tuesday finalised a draft of Tk2,051.45 billion new ADP with a 6.34 percent yearly increase, which is likely to get the final nod from NEC meeting on May 19 with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair, according to official sources.   

Economic growth, poverty reduction, human resource development and creating job opportunities featured prominently in ADP allocations apart from the urgent issue of fighting Corona crisis, sources added. 

“We had to think about many issues in making ADP allocation this year because of the Coronavirus. But still we’ve some political commitment for development as well,” Planning Minister MA Mannan said after the meeting.

Health and agriculture sectors got special attention for the emergency but power, transport and infrastructure sectors got importance for better GDP growth, he explained. 

Acknowledging the agriculture sector’s solid role amid the corona pandemic, he said the government will spend more on it to mechanise the agro system and ensure supply of fertilizer, seed and improve their facilities.

In terms of the ministry-wise fund distribution, local government division got the highest amount of Tk311.41 billion or 15.18 percent of ADP, road transport and highways division got Tk248.25 billion or 12.10 percent and power division got Tk248.03 billion or 12.09 percent. 

Science and Technology Ministry fetched Tk173.89 billion, the Ministry of Railways Tk124.91 billion, Health Services Division TK100.54 billion, Secondary and Higher Education Division Tk98.65 billion, Primary and Mass Education Division Tk94.04 billion, Bridges Division TK79.72 billion and Tk62.69 billion.  

Transport sector as a whole got Tk521.83 billion or 25.25 percent followed by physical infrastructure sector that fetched Tk257.95 billion and power sector Tk248.04 billion.

Education sector got Tk233.90 billion, science and ICT sector Tk184.58 billion, rural development Tk155.55 billion, health and nutrition Tk130.33 billion, agriculture sector Tk83.82 billion, water resources Tk 55.27 billion, and public administration Tk40.49 billion.