Miscreants kill dolphin in Halda River


9th May, 2020 09:50:18 printer

Miscreants kill dolphin in Halda River

A dolphin was killed in the Halda River at Zia Bazar area of Chattogram’s Raozan upazila on Friday.

The severed body of the aquatic mammal was found abandoned at Zia Bazar in the morning, said Prof Dr Manzurul Kibria, Convener of Halda River Research Laboratory of Chittagong University.

“Some fishermen might have caught the 5.2 feet dolphin and killed it for its fat,” he said.

Earlier, 23 dolphins were found dead in the river but none of them were deliberately killed, Prof Kibria said. 

Bangladesh has 10 species of marine and six species of freshwater dolphins. Of the four marine species, two are critically endangered, and the only freshwater species, Platanista gangetica, is endangered.