Evaly Express Shop to deliver daily commodities

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24th March, 2020 02:26:36 printer

Evaly Express Shop to deliver daily commodities

The World Health Organization is advising everyone to stay in their homes as part of their precautions to combat coronas. It is said that it is possible to prevent the spread of deadly Covid-19 Corona virus through self or home quarantine. In this context, Evaly Express Shop will deliver daily commodities and necessary products to the citizens staying at homes.

Recently, one of the country's top ecommerce-based marketplaces, Evaly, announced that they are going to launch a new campaign titled 'Evaly Express Shop' for customers to get their essential products at home. The service will be in full operation from Tuesday (24 March). However, raw market products like fish and meat will not be available in this shop. Customers will be able to receive their products at minimum one hour after ordering their products within a maximum period of 36 hours depending on ordered and situration.

Mohammad Rassel, Managing Director and CEO of Evaly said, "Our platform has more than 18 lakh subscribers and about 25,000 dealers or sellers. A significant number of them sell grocery items or essential products. Again there are corporate companies those produce such products and supply them in the retail market. At this moment of crisis, we want to utilize this huge resource of us for the greater interest of the people. People who operate such products in different malls or areas can join the Evaly Express Shop. Customers who are not connected to our platform can also avail of this service by joining Evaly and ordering products online.

Russell added, "We want everyone at home to follow the advice of the World Health Organization and other appropriate authorities. At this time, our government alone cannot do much. From our small location we want to contribute to that place. We will deliver the products to customers' homes quickly, in compliance with all health protections. In a recent video press conference, honorable State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak, along with prominent people from the local ICT sector, emphasized the widespread use of technology at this time. The financial transactions have been prompted the completion of digital rather than cash. Evaly’s business philosophy is aligned with this spirit.

Responding to a question as to how the Evaly Express Shop operates, Mohammad Rassell said customers will order online from their location. The shops closest to the customers will be in our Evaly. The seller, who received the order, will deliver the products to the customer within a minimum of one hour, up to a maximum of 36 hours, depending on the product and the field. In this case, the price of the product will be determined by market value of the product, which in no way will be higher than the market value. All products and deliveries are the responsibility of the sellers. However, Evaly will provide all kinds of technical assistance to the sellers. Evaly will provide such software and other logistical support as needed. At the same time, Evaly will also give a bonus of 5% on their total orders to encourage the sellers. We feel that at this point we all need to work on helping everyone. At the same time, we all need to be aware and alert to our own position. This is our initiative, not just for business purposes, but from responsibility towards society.

The company said that it plans to open eight such express shops in Dhaka and around 50 nation wide in the next two to three days.