Ekushey Book Fair: a heaven for children


8th February, 2020 07:52:04 printer

Ekushey Book Fair: a heaven for children

The Amar Ekushey Book Fair has turned into a haven for children as the Shishu Prohor (children’s hour) are offering them an all round opportunity to enjoy themselves on the fair ground.

The presence of children and adolescents was noticeable on the first weekends.

Bangla Academy authority has arranged “Children’s Hour” (Shishu Prohor) on every Friday and Saturday from 11am to 1pm at the children’s corner in Suhrawardy Udyan to make the month-long fair more attractive to the children.

Children of different ages, accompanied by their respective parents, were seen buying colourful books, playing and taking pictures with the characters of ‘Sisimpur’ (A children’s TV programme) there on the first weekends.

The kids were seen to be delighted to shake their hands with their favorite character of Sisimpur Halum, Ikri and Tuktuki.

A third grade student from British Standard School Erina Hossen, came to participate in the Children’s Hour, said, “I have spoken with Halum and Tuktuki and visited many stalls and also bought five books as well.”

“I attend the fair with my parents every year and I also love to buy story and drawing books,” she added.

Five-year-old Shakib Zaman Shuvo said, “There are a lot of books with beautiful and colourful covers in the fair. I bought a story book and three drawing books from there.”

Talking to the correspondent, Anisur Rahman Helal, a businessman, said, “Nowadays, our children pass their time with electronics devices, watching cartoons, video stories from YouTube. But, the book fair still gives them some healthy pleasures.”

“It has been a source of pleasure and amusement for my children which gives them joy along with enriching practical knowledges,” he added.

On the day, 72 new books were launched at the book fair.