Bajaj joins with traditional Shakrain festival

Press Release

6th February, 2020 04:43:15 printer

Bajaj joins with traditional Shakrain festival

Bajaj participated in the local Shakrain festival with the name ‘Shakrain Uchchhwashe Bajaj-er Shathe’ to spread the joy. The objective was to encourage everyone to participate in this event through various activities.

The main attraction of Shakrain is flying kites. So Bajaj gifted 10 thousand kites to the participating enthusiasts at several places of Old Dhaka to make the event more festive.

The annual festival of the winter season is celebrated at the end of the Bangla month of Poush as the 'Shakrain Festival'. Everyone celebrates the day with great enthusiasm and excitement regardless of their age.

Colorful kites are flown from the rooftops around Old Dhaka area in the afternoon of the festival. Thousands of people from other areas also gather to enjoy this traditional festival. The flying kites take the form of enormously exciting kite fights. Colorful kites fly together and make a rainbow in the sky. Fireworks take over at dusk after the kite fight, hundreds of lanterns light up the sky on the banks of the Buriganga. There are different artists to entertain the audience with their performance. Pithas of different types along with other mouthwatering food items are made, which adds up to the joyous music and dancing.