IDLC stands beside fistula patients along with Dr. Sayeba

Press release

21st January, 2020 07:30:00 printer

IDLC stands beside fistula patients along with Dr. Sayeba

Obstetric fistula is one such chronic debilitating condition for women. It is a hole in the birth canal connecting to the urinary passage and or rectum, caused by prolonged and difficult labor. Women with obstetric fistula constantly leak urine or faces or both. Due to their condition, they often face social embarrassment, insults and alienation, even from their own family.

Professor Dr. Sayeba Akhter is playing a great role by performing free surgeries of fistula patients which is very expensive and complicated. IDLC finance limited have decided to participate financially to help Dr. Sayeba with facilitating the patients who takes the surgery from MAMM’s institute of fistula and women health for post-surgery health care. The surgery usually costs 80 thousands taka to 1 lakh per patients.

IDLC, as part of its commitment to improve the health and social status of marginalized women, initiated a project for patients with Obstetric Fistula in partnership with MAMM’s Institute of Fistula and Women Health. Under this initiative IDLC will provide partial financial support to MAMM’s Institute of Fistula and Women’s Health (MIFWOH) for getting post-operative services of 50 patients after fistula surgeries.

Dr Sayeba said "I am delighted to have the leading financial institution of the country like IDLC Finance Limited" stand by us and fight this cause & I hope many more organizations like IDLC will play their responsible role. ”

The MD and CEO of IDLC Finance Limited, Arif Khan said “We are proud to be in agreement with such a great soul and eminent physician like Dr. Sayeba. We hope to become more involved with such initiatives in the future.”