Change your pillow to free from bacteria

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21st January, 2020 11:57:47 printer

Change your pillow to free from bacteria


It’s time to devote some attention to our beds and pillows. Do you remember the last time you cleaned your pillows or mattresses?

Your pillow houses the bacteria that we cannot see, dead skin cells and house dust mites, reports The Indian Express.

Here are reasons why you need to switch your pillow: 

It’s time to gift yourself a new pillow to avoid the horrors of dust mites.

Waking up with a neck or a back pain

Despite sleeping for a good 8 hours, if you wake up with an aching neck and if your head is pounding despite being hydrated, it is time to change your old pillow.

This happens because your pillow has lost its firmness and bounce.

Opt for a firm plush pillow, since this kind helps your head, shoulders and neck to be in a single neutral alignment. It is perfect for those who sleep on their sides.

The pillow has lumps

Lay your pillow flat, does it look flat or lumpy? Lumpy pillows cannot provide the firm support that is needed, in turn leading to shoulder pain and headaches. Choose a pillow with springy memory foam. It is great for those who have a restless sleeping pattern or suffer from spine problems.

Discolouration or permanent sweat stains

Your pillow’s life has come to an end when it begins to discolour. If you spot yellow sweat stains, you should definitely buy a new pillow. The yellow denotes that bacteria. Get rid of that pillow.

It has begun to smell

Your pillow can start to smell funny, but the odour will be gradual, making it easy to overlook. Over a period of time, our pillows doesn’t make for a clean bed.

It has failed the bend test

Take your pillow and bed it until it looks like it is of U-shape. If it snaps back into its form, then the pillow is in good shape. If it doesn’t, clearly it cannot support your neck and your head while you are asleep.