Seasonal “Bhapa pitha” business gets momentum in country


23rd December, 2019 03:52:09 printer

Seasonal “Bhapa pitha” business gets momentum in country

 Traditional and seasonal delicious steamed rice cake locally called “Bhapa pitha” draws huge public attention, enticing them to have this mouth-watering winter food along with bringing boons for the occasional poor cake-makers.

Hundreds of seasonal “Bhapa pitha” makers are bustling with customers erecting makeshift enterprises beside road, village markets, bus stands, ferry ghats even by the side of playgrounds and tea-stalls.

“Bhapa pitha” having been a delicate winter food, a lot of people throng those temporary pitha shops and purchase. Besides, being a low-cost food item, it has been consumed abundantly.

Khorshed Ali, (40) a Bhapa pitha maker, at Manikganj bus-stand said some bus passengers before getting on bus early in the morning like to have one or two “Bhapa pitha” as their breakfast. So he opens his temporary ‘pitha shop’ at dawn.

He said he earns at least Tk. 400-500 per day.

Rahima khatun, (30) who runs his “pitha shop” at Barangail bazzar said her husband Khalek buys the ingredients of cake — rice, molasses and coconuts — from market and their earnings from selling pitha is pretty good.

A middle aged woman customer told this correspondent that she herself and her family members like very much coconut mixing ‘Bhapa pitha’. But there is no scope of making it at home. So they buy it from the market especially in the winter. Some time they entertain their guests with ‘Bhapa pitha’ buying from market.

When visited some remote rural areas of the district, this correspondent also found that a large number of poor people both male and female are engaged in making “Bhapa pitha”.

“Bhapa pitha” is a seasonal stream cake that generally made in the winter season. It is tasty and popular to both the rural and urban people in the district. “Bhapa pitha” needs some flour of rice, molasses, and coconut to be made.

Cake makers first put some rice floor in a small round pot. Then they place some coconut and molasses and again put some floor over it. After that, the whole filling is shrouded by a rag and put it over a pierced lid of a pot filled with water which is placed on stove. The water is boiled by heat and its steam comes out of the hole of the lid which helps make bhapa pitha.