These night-time habits affect skin

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15th December, 2019 01:30:47 printer

These night-time habits affect skin


You want to wake up with a glow on your face. But, are you doing anything about it? While there are so many skincare commandments out there.

Here is some tips which can glow yor skin:

Washing your face, not

When you step inside after a long day at work, having collected dirt and dust from outside, you absolutely cannot skip thoroughly washing your face with a mild cleanser. Some people make the gross mistake of hitting the bed without washing the face. Even if you are makeup-free, cleaning is important, otherwise the dirt can clog your pores and cause acne.

Sleeping less

The need to clock in sufficient hours has been widely discussed. The thing about ‘beauty sleep’ is that it is a real thing. When you do not sleep for at least seven hours, you give your skin less time to repair itself after a stressful day. Just like other organs, the skin needs to reboot, too. If you do not allow yourself this time, you expose your skin to premature aging.

Not changing bed or pillow covers

You cannot keep sleeping on the same pillow covers forever. You need to change them every few days, especially if you have a sensitive skin and are acne-prone. A healthy skin is directly linked to a hygienic environment, one that is free of bacteria and germs.

Sleeping with makeup

You had a long day, and now that you are back home, you feel too lazy to wash away the makeup. So, you go to bed as is. Do not do this blunder. This is one of the most common mistakes that leads to sudden acne eruption. Dermatologists insist on removing every trace of makeup before you call it a day.

Not using a night cream or moisturizer

Your skin needs its fodder to keep its youth. A night cream or moisturizer works as a fodder. It keeps the skin tight, glowing and healthy. Do not worry if you have oily skin, because regardless of the skin type and weather, there are many varieties of moisturizers available in the market. Choose one that serves you and apply generously every night before bed.

Over cleaning

Excess of anything is bad. When you clean the skin way too much, you damage its natural properties and glow. Experts say that over-cleaning also makes you lose the moisture, making the skin break. Do not rub your face as if you are battling it. Always be gentle.