Leeches living inside nostril and throat that makes non-stop cough

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28th November, 2019 08:42:40 printer

Leeches living inside nostril and throat that makes non-stop cough

When a 60-year-old man went to a doctor complaining of non-stop cough, he never expected the reason behind his illness to be live leeches. What’s even scarier is that the creatures stayed inside his body for more than two months.

The man, hailing from China, coughed up phlegm and blood when he finally decided to go see a doctor, reports Daily Mail. He went to Wuping County Hospital’s respiratory department to get checked. However, an initial CT scan didn’t show anything unusual. That’s when the medics decided to run a procedure called bronchoscopy. It’s a procedure which helps doctors in examining the patient’s lungs and air passages.

The examination revealed that there are two live leeches inside him. While one of the creatures was in his right nostrils, the other was in his throat.

Dr Rao Guanyong gave local anaesthesia to the man before pulling out the leeches with help of a tweezer. He believes that the creatures ended up inside him when he drank water from mountain streams. Thankfully, the patient is better now and recovering.

“When he drank water [containing the leeches], it was likely that they were very small and undetectable by the naked eye. In the past month or two, the leeches have sucked the patient’s blood and grown,” the doctor told Pear Video, cited Daily Mail.

Earlier this month, a man was suffering from a sharp pain inside his ear along with continuous itching. It was discovered that the discomfort was caused by a family of cockroaches living inside his ear.