Outgoing President of BIPPA cites major achievements

Press release

21st November, 2019 05:23:28 printer

Outgoing President of BIPPA cites major achievements

Mohammad Latif Khan at the end of his two consecutive terms (i.e. four years tenure) as the President of Bangladesh Independent Power Producers Association (BIPPA) cited the top three achievements under his leadership. BIPPA received support from the Government of Bangladesh on following:

  1. Compulsory membership of BIPPA of all IPPs operating in Bangladesh,
  2. Eliminated multi-tier taxation on dividend income of Bangladeshi Power Producers
  3. Exemption of Advance Income Tax (AIT) on imports of plants, equipment and machinery for construction of power plants.

All of which translating to IPPs generating electricity for Bangladesh at a more economical rate. The representatives of thirty-six member companies were present in the Annual General Meeting (AGM).