Tax survey begins to net 12 lakh new taxpayers


31st October, 2019 08:45:15 printer

Tax survey begins to net 12 lakh new taxpayers

National Board of Revenue (NBR) has started a fresh tax survey to identify 12 lakh new tax payers in the country.

Different tax zones across the country are conducting the month-long survey both externally and internally where the documents of government service providing agencies such as power, gas, water etc as well as trade licenses of Union Parishad and City Corporations would also be considered alongside the regular procedures.

Talking to journalists, NBR Member Meftah Uddin Khan said the new taxpayer collection process runs round the year across the country. “But, this year we put emphasis on survey and want to collect information from door to door in villages.”
He said NBR had been able to identify 5.60 lakh taxpayers in last fiscal year 2018-19 through the tax survey, and these taxpayers opened income tax files alongside e-TIN registration.

NBR like previous year has engaged university students to conduct the survey. Female students are also being engaged this year for the first time.