Gibraltar holds election amid Brexit uncertainty

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17th October, 2019 03:46:14 printer

Gibraltar holds election amid Brexit uncertainty


An election for Gibraltar's 17-seat parliament is taking place Thursday amid Brexit uncertainty.

Brexit will bring for the speck of British territory on Spain's southern tip, reports AP.

The Socialist Labour Party is seeking a third consecutive term in government in today's ballot. Results are expected early Friday.

The Rock's about 34,000 residents didn't want to leave the European Union — in the 2016 referendum, 96% voted to stay.

Gibraltar relies heavily on thousands of European workers who every day cross the border from Spain, which is in the EU.

The international operations of online gambling companies, whose operations account for around 25% of Gibraltar's economy, need access to the EU market.

European Union nations are still waiting for a text of any tentative agreement between the EU and the Britain only hours before the start of a key EU summit.