Five easy hacks to keep your house clean

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1st October, 2019 12:38:25 printer

Five easy hacks to keep your house clean


It’s autumn which means it’s time to prep for winters and do the annual in-house shuffling and cleaning. 

Keeping the house clean is a herculean task and to make it a little easy for you, we brainstormed a few easy hacks which will help you in cleaning your house clean without taking any pains, reports Hindustan Times.

The most annoying and embarrassing thing, stains, not only spoil one’s looks but also do not seem washable. But worry not, using this hack you can let go of all the stains.

Hack: Take two cups of milk and one cup of distilled vinegar. Mix them and soak the stained area in the mixture overnight. Wash the piece of cloth in a machine and ta da, the stain would be gone.

White sneakers are every boy’s prized possession. The problem with them is that the tone of the colour white fades away and even without stains the shoes look dull. Here’s an easy way to clean it.

Hack: Take three table spoons of baking soda and two table spoons of water. Mix it and rub it on the sneakers using a toothbrush. Rub it gently over the faded or stained areas for a longer duration. Wipe it all off using a towel once the sneakers look bright and white again.

Darkened aluminium

Utensils made of aluminium tend to darken over a period of time and the spots don’t go away despite regular cleaning. In such a case, instead of discarding it, use this hack.

Hack: Fill the entire utensil with water and turn the gas on. Add one table spoon lemon juice and let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes. After that, drain the solution and wash it with fresh water. All the dark spots would be gone.

All the showpieces made of silver develop stains due to the metal’s property of reacting with atmospheric gases. You cannot stop it from happening but you can clean the stains on the showpiece from time to time.

Hack: Take three table spoons of baking soda and table spoon of water. Mix it well to make a thick paste. Rub the paste all over the stained area and leave it for a while. Wash it using water and your silver utensil would look as good as new.

Stinking sink

Nobody is interested in working in a kitchen which smells bad. But cleaning a stinking sink can prove to be exhausting, right? No! Not if you use this hack.

Hack: Pour one full cup of baking soda over the sink and half a litre of vinegar. Leave it for a while and then turn the tap on. The smell will fade away and sink will be clean.