North Korea welcomes Trump's call for 'new method' in talks

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20th September, 2019 03:53:29 printer

North Korea welcomes Trump's call for 'new method' in talks


North Korea has praised US President Donald Trump for saying Washington may pursue an unspecified "new method" in nuclear negotiations with Pyongyang.

Those talks have been stalled for months over disagreements over trade-offs between sanctions relief and disarmament steps, reports AP.

North Korean diplomat Kim Myong Gil in a statement Friday also praised Trump's decision to fire his hawkish former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

He expressed optimism that working-level negotiations with the United States might resume soon.

Pyongyang has repeatedly demanded that Washington reconsider its stance following the collapse of a February summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Trump.

Trump on Wednesday criticized Bolton for advocating the "Libyan model" of unilateral denuclearization for the North. He said "maybe a new method would be very good."