Foreign Minister for lessening comfort at Rohingya camps

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22nd August, 2019 04:36:29 printer

Foreign Minister for lessening comfort at Rohingya camps

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen on Thursday warned Rohingya people of ‘lessening comfort’ at their camps following a failure of the second attempt to repatriate them to Myanmar.

He made the remark at a press conference in his secretariat office this afternoon.

Abdul Momen also alleged that a group is instigating Rohingya people to stay here (Bangladesh).

“Legal action will be taken against those, who are motivating them to stay in Bangladesh,” the foreign minister warned.

He also alleged that some are distributing leaflets and placards written in English among the Rohingyas instigating them not to go back their home.

Those, who are doing so (distributing leaflets and placards) will be brought to book, he added.

A fresh push to repatriate Rohingya people to Myanmar appeared Thursday to fall flat with no one of the displaced seem to be willing to return their homeland.

As per the fresh move to repatriate the displaced Rohingyas, Bangladesh with the assistance of UNHCR, handed over a list of 22,432 Rohingyas to Myanmar for repatriation.

Of them, Myanmar government cleared some 3450 Rohingyas of 1,056 families for repatriation and set August 22 as the date to start the process.

But, Rohingyas remained unwilling to return Myanmar as there lacks congenial atmosphere for them to Myanmar for repatriation.

Rohingya Rehabilitation and Relief Commissioner Mohammad Abul Kalam today said, ““Not a single Rohingya person want to go back to Myanmar until their demands are met.”