Dealing With Teen’s Smartphone Addiction | 2019-07-25


Dealing With Teen’s Smartphone Addiction

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Dealing With Teen’s Smartphone Addiction

In previous time, things were simple as there was no smartphone in that time. The teens of that time led their lives, with some exceptions, in a particular way: going to school, playing in the field, studying at home and watching TV. Thus it was easier for the parents to monitor their children. But, with the advancement of technology, especially after the arrival of smartphones, their task has become harder. Though this connectivity is beneficial in a number of ways, one of them being the ability to reach your teen at any time, the addiction of it, most of the time, harmful for the teens as they often abuse or overuse it. In fact, teens who spend too much time on their phones can even develop technology addiction, which requires professional treatment. Often, teens are not aware of how much they are using their phones, or they think that it is normal since other teenagers always be on their phone. Here comes the role of the guardians. You can use the following steps to help your children to teach how to use smartphones responsibly.

Open up a conversation: Once you are certain that your teen is addicted to smartphone and you have a few talking points, sit them down for a frank discussion. Try to plan your talk for a time when both of you are calm, and make sure that everyone is well-rested, has eaten, and is generally comfortable. This will allow you to begin an open discussion with your teens regarding their smartphone use.

Ask open-ended questions: It is important for your teen to realise that you are approaching the situation from a place of love and not one of anger. Asking open-ended questions allows your teen to think deeply about the effects of their smartphone use. The goal of asking open-ended questions is to get your teen to notice some of the ways in which their cell phone use has negatively impacted them.

Set firm limits: Teenagers may be like mini-adults, but they still have a lot of growing up to do when it comes to self-control. For this reason, you will have to help them learn how to manage their screen time. Decide how many minutes you want your teen to be able to use their phone. This will likely depend on their age as well as lifestyle factors. Once you have set a screen time limit, let your teen know and define the consequences for not following the rules.

Create charging station: Removing the smartphone from your teen’s room at night is an effective way to drastically reduce their screen time. However, you will also have to make sure to remove all electronics, since your teen will likely turn to their laptop or tablet if they are dealing with a smartphone addiction. Set up a charging station in your bedroom where your teen can turn in their appliances before they go to bed. Keeping the charging station in your room will prevent your teen from being able to sneak their phone away in the middle of the night.

Model appropriate behavior: It is also important for you to recognise the cues you are sending your teen about appropriate smartphone usage. For example, checking your email or posting on social media during dinner sends the message that this type of behavior is normal. While you may have to take an important business call on occasion, it is also important to show your teen that you have the power to unplug. Make a habit of turning off your phone where your teen can see it when you get ready to engage in family time.