Huge power outage plunges Manhattan into darkness | 2019-07-15

Huge power outage plunges Manhattan into darkness

14th July, 2019 11:23:14 printer

Huge power outage plunges Manhattan into darkness

A power outage that gripped New York’s Manhattan ended on Saturday after it plunged Broadway theaters into darkness, brought subways to a halt and flicked off billboards in Times Square, reports AFP.

About 42,000 customers lost electricity in the early evening, according to power utility Con Edison, which didn’t indicate a cause of the power failure.

The power returned around 10:00 pm (0200 GMT), accompanied by applause that could be heard throughout the formerly darkened streets.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Twitter that the outage was caused by a “manhole fire,” but later told CNN it was under investigation.

Earlier in the day, dozens of people posted photos on social media of streets, subways and apartments shrouded in darkness.

Firefighters said they responded to numerous requests for help, particularly from people trapped in elevators, and the strobes of police cars and ambulances were some of the few to stand out in a city where light is rarely in short supply.

New Yorkers in general took Saturday’s outage in stride, with passersby manning intersections to direct traffic and a disrupted Carnegie Hall concert continuing in the street.