Pringles amps up nationwide cricket fever with its ‘Limited Edition Cans’

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28th June, 2019 06:28:25 printer

Pringles amps up nationwide cricket fever with its ‘Limited Edition Cans’

 At a time when the entire nation is united by its love for cricket, Pringles recently unveiled its limited edition can, expressly created to capture and cheer for Bangladesh’s ‘Can-Do’ spirit. The 32 inches tall limited edition mega can features the green and red national colours of Bangladesh, the familiar yellow stripes of the Bangla tigers, emblazoned with the fans cheering for their beloved team!

Every mega can, priced at 575 BDT, includes 3 Pringles cans each weighing 147 gms. Fans can buy this mega can from select modern trade outlets in Dhaka, enjoy it with friends and family, while following the game and supporting the team.

Commenting on the launch of the limited edition cans, Jaspinder Singh Vohra, Director-Exports, Kellogg South Asia, said, “Bangladesh is a huge market for savoury snacks (as per Euromonitor 2018) and Pringles, an iconic brand, is well accepted by the consumers. This enables us with a huge opportunity to increase the love of the brand in the country, one of which is through creating locally relevant communication. Love for cricket is as strong in Bangladesh as any other nation. This emotion is is not bound by geography, and transcends borders. We leveraged this opportunity and launched these limited edition cans. The vibrant colours of the can capture the gamut of feelings that fans experience while watching the Bangla Tigers take the field. After all, this cricket season, Bangladesh Can!’’

Speaking about the initiative, Sumit Mathur, Director-Marketing, Kellogg South Asia, said, “Pringles has been an iconic brand globally and in Bangladesh. Our consumers love us for our distinctive stackable chips, which lends a great sensorial experience, the vibrant unique Pringle Can, and the high resonance that we have with our target audience in everything we do. As we continuously strive to create the WOW factor for consumers, we saw no better opportunity than supporting the emotion of the cricket fever that is uniting the nation just now. The limited edition cans are just another example of how we consistently aim to tap into shareable, snacking occasions for our consumers.”