Save youths from new addictions

19th June, 2019 09:50:05 printer

There is an alarming development in the world of addictive smoke inhalants. It is the tech-savvy e-cigarettes! The merchants of addiction are making innovative use of technology to produce new gadgets to attract curious young consumers and ensnare them into becoming nicotine addicts.  

Some young people get into different types of addictions simply out of curiosity by trying something new and then getting hooked to it. Others start experimenting due to peer pressure. Some fall victim to false vanity in an effort to create fashionable and cool self image. Whatever the reason, to prevent getting addicted to something that is bad for mental and physical health, one should exert own mental strength or take help from others, and fight against bad habits in the early stages. 

According to the UN World Health Organisation (WHO), e-cigarettes are unsafe and should either be banned or controlled like other tobacco products including cigarette.

As e-cigarette is harmful, many countries of the world have already banned it and some have taken initiative to control it. In a 2016 Surgeon General’s report, it was concluded that the use of nicotine in any form, including e-cigarettes, is unsafe, and it causes addiction and can harm the development of adolescent brain.

We feel that there should be strong regulations against any business that produces, markets, deals, stores, push and sells anything that is bad for public health. There should be drives against such harmful products.

In view of the reports and researches undertaken by WHO and the Surgeon General, e-cigarettes should be controlled immediately like other tobacco products. Strict handling of the matter in the initial stage by authorities concerned will deter the growth of e-cigarette market in the country and save our youth from becoming addicted to its harmful chemicals.