Militancy controlled, not eliminated

18th June, 2019 11:14:21 printer

The militant outfit Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh or JMB, that announced its presence by blasting bombs across the country on 17 August 2005, was not only banned but also hunted down by security forces since then.

Most of its top leaders were captured and hanged after trial. But after accomplishing their successful missions against JMB, members of our law enforcement agencies and counter terrorism units could hardly sit back and relax, because the scourge of militancy kept on re-emerging under different names.

The government so far banned and dealt with around six militant outfits most of which are offshoots of JMB such as Ansarullah Bangla Team and Jamaat ul Muslimeen, while Neo JMB is the latest face of the banned outfit. Quoting intelligence sources a front-page report in yesterday’s daily sun informs that the terrorists of JMB, with links to international militant groups, are now plotting to carry out attacks in Bangladesh. Reportedly, the militants are staying in different hideouts in the capital and its outskirts including Savar, Tongi, Keraniganj andNarayanganj.

Our security agencies are not sitting on their hands. DMP has already intensified anti-militant drives in the capital and going door-to-door to collect information about the city-dwellers. The citizens also have a civic responsibility to inform police about any unusual movement of any individuals or groups, because when someone falls into the hands of militant groups, no matter how close personally they are to us, the society is not safe in their presence.

So, each family should keep every member on the right track. If we can sense that someone among our near and dear ones holds extreme beliefs or spreads the same, we should try our level best to bring them back. We should challenge their distorted version of religion propagated by extremists and show them the right direction. If nothing works, we should report to the police. No matter how hard taking such a decision, we must do it for the sake of humanity.

Terrorism poses a grave threat to our national security, political stability and economic progress. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina vowed to free the country from evil forces line JMB. Let us give her a hand. The threat of terrorism can only be eliminated if security forces get cooperation from every citizen and law enforcement agencies about checking the spread of this deadly social virus.