Budget: Prices up, prices down

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13th June, 2019 06:16:51 printer

Budget: Prices up, prices down

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal on thursday proposed changes to duties on different products, which will result in increase and decrease in their prices.


So far, we have got the following items and this list will be updated.


Prices up


 Cosmetics, mobile phone services, ceramics, cigarettes, helicopter renting, plastic products, aluminium products, cooking oils, medicines, marriage media centres, ice cream, vehicle registration, route permit for vehicles, fitness certificate for vehicles, astrology, drama, movie, handmade confectioneries, milk, sugar, body spray, ovens, broilers, grillers and smart phones


Prices down


Lightening arresters, firefighting equipment, building bricks, cancer-related medicines, coco substrate and coco pellet used in home gardening, gold and electric fan