Eid – from confusion to celebration

7th June, 2019 11:27:17 printer

Eid-ul-Fitr, the biggest religious festival for Muslims, was celebrated all across the country amid due solemnity, fervour and festivity. Law enforcement agencies also took up elaborate security measures, and thanks to their effort and vigilance, the celebration passed off peacefully and harmoniously.

However, the confusion created by the National Moon Sighting Committee regarding sighting of the crescent moon and fixing the date of Eid was unexpected, to say the least. The goof-up, first announcing that the moon has not been sighted and Eid will be celebrated on 6 June and later recanting at night announcing that moon has been spotted and Eid will be celebrated on 5 June, has left nearly everyone fuming over the committee’s lack of coordination and archaic method of spotting the moon.

After the first announcement people across the country halted their last minute Eid preparation and were preparing for fasting, but hours later when the 2nd announcement came, many were left baffled and  stranded. They had to rush till midnight to get things done.

This is not the first instance of confusion regarding moon sighting, rather it is common. Only in April a religious organisation went to court regarding confusion over moon sighting for fixing the day of holy Shab-e-Barat. Although the court refused to interfere on religious affair, the latest blunder on fixing the day of Eid-ul-Fitr suggests that if the aid of science and technology is not taken in sighting the moon, such confusion will only escalate in future due to social media.

That said, Eid journey this year has been relatively hassle-free as traffic jam on highways greatly decreased thanks to completion of a number of development projects such as new bridges in Dhaka-Chittagong road. The number of road accidents and casualties on highways during Eid journey also decreased, but even a single incident of death is shocking; so more needs to be done to make our roads and highways safer.

We thank the members of law enforcement and other government and non-government agencies who painstakingly managed the Eid rush and ensured security.