‘Bangabandhu Nodi Padak’ to be awarded for saving rivers


28th May, 2019 05:33:01 printer

‘Bangabandhu Nodi Padak’ to be awarded for saving rivers

 Bangladesh will award ‘Bangabandhu Nodi Padak’ to encourage people and organisations to come forward to save the country’s rivers.

The Shipping Ministry has formulated a draft of the award policy.

Any person or organisation or institution can be given this award for visible contribution in protecting rivers.

Many of the rivers that crisscross Bangladesh are dying because of pollution and sedimentation while many are being encroached illegally.

One ‘Bangabandhu Nodi Padak’ will be given at the district level and three at the national level. The district level award will include a gold medal, a certificate and Tk 30,000 in cash. At the national level, the winners will get gold medals, certificates and Tk 50,000 in cash.

As per the policy, committees have been formed at upazila, district, divisional and national levels. The award may be distributed during the ‘World Rivers Day’ in September or when the prime minister is free.  

The Shipping Ministry can change the number of awards.