1,552 killed in road crashes in four months: NCPSRR

11th May, 2019 10:31:21 printer

At least 1,552 people were killed in road accidents across Bangladesh between January and April this year, reports UNB.

As many as 1,495 accidents on various highways, national, inter-district and regional roads left 3,039 others injured, said the National Committee to Protect Shipping, Roads and Railways (NCPSRR), a non-government organisation, on Saturday.

The victims included 195 women and 268 children.

NCPSRR prepared the report based on 22 national dailies, 10 regional newspapers and eight online news portals and news agencies.

According to it, 411 people, including 53 women and 71 children, lost lives and 725 others were injured in 383 accidents in January.

Some 401 accidents occurred in February where 415 people were killed and 884 others injured. Among the deceased, 58 were women and 62 children.

In March, 386 people, including 46 women and 82 children, were killed and 820 others were injured in 384 road crashes.

Some 327 accidents occurred in April killing 340 people and injuring 610 others. Among the deceased, 38 were women and 53 children.

NCPSRR General Secretary Ashis Kumar Dey told the news agency that they identified 10 major reasons for an increase in road accidents.

They include - racing tendency among drivers and reckless driving; contractual leasing of vehicles on daily basis; employing drivers without licenses; lack of awareness of pedestrians and small vehicle drivers, especially motorcyclists; overloading; and overtaking tendency of drivers violating traffic rules.

Besides, driving without any break, plying of unfit vehicles, violation of traffic rules on long routes, increase of motorcycles and three-wheelers on roads and highways, and carrying passengers and goods in locally-made motorised vehicles also lead to accidents, he added.