Sachin Tendulkar gets a shave from 'barbershop girls' | 2019-05-04 |

Sachin Tendulkar gets a shave from 'barbershop girls'

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4th May, 2019 04:18:01 printer

Sachin Tendulkar gets a shave from 'barbershop girls'

An ad that is currently going viral online has shone the spotlight on the incredible story of two girls from the Banwari Tola village in Uttar Pradesh. Neha and Jyoti took over their father's barbershop back in 2014 when he fell ill. To step into a profession traditionally dominated by men, they disguised themselves as boys, even taking on male names as they paid for their father's treatment, supported their family and continued to study. 

Today, an ad inspired by their inspirational story has led to one of the greatest cricketers of all times to get a shave from Neha and Jyoti, or the 'barbershop girls' as they are often referred to. 

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar shared in an Instagram post on Friday that he met the barbershop girls and got a shave from them. While posting a picture with Neha and Jyoti, he also revealed an interesting tidbit - that he has never gotten a shave from someone else before!

Sachin also presented Neha and Jyoti with a Gillette scholarship to cover their educational and professional needs.

Since being shared online, his post has gone viral with almost 7 lakh 'likes' and hundreds of impressed comments.

Neha and Jyoti have been receiving much praise and love from netizens around the globe after an ad by Gillette India highlighted their incredible, gender stereotype-shattering story. The ad has gone viral with over 16 million views on YouTube alone.