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Men’s Guide To Great Hair

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20th April, 2019 02:02:58 printer

Men’s Guide To Great Hair

Men’s hair may be shorter than women’s but it is, in many cases, their only styling tool. There are many men who prefer a clean shaven look and the only thing they can experiment with are hairstyles. Whether you are one of those guys who love to try out different hairstyles or one who has been keeping the same hair-do all his life, taking care of your hair is extremely important. A good hair care routine is one that's simple and effective. Arming yourself with the right tools and information about the chemistry of hair is the first step. No matter what hair type and texture you have, you'll be able to perform your routine quickly and have great-looking hair. Here are some quintessential details you definitely should look into:


Be careful about washing your hair

A common mistake committed by every man is that they wash hair quite often. Limit washing to twice or thrice a week and always condition your hair. This would ensure the hair health. Many guys out there also make the other mistake of not washing hair at all. This is simply unhygienic and also not good for your scalp. Use a good quality shampoo when you wash your hair and make sure that you don’t skip it or over-do it!


Use less products on your hair

Using too much of hair gel, hair wax, hair spray or any other hair product makes your hair look unnatural and heavy. Use minimalistic amount of these products when it comes to styling your hair in the right way.


Dry your hair gently; don’t rub it

Wet hair tends to be weaker and vulnerable to damage. So avoid rubbing your hair after washing as it will lead to excessive breakage. Instead pat dry it to avoid stress on scalp.


Use an egg conditioner

Egg is loaded with proteins and essential minerals like sulphur that your hair secretly craves for. Harness the goodness of egg by conditioning your hair regularly with egg yolk. Let the egg yolk penetrate deep into your scalp so as to strengthen your follicles from within.


Protect your hair from chlorine

The chlorine in pools can be extremely disastrous for your scalp as it causes your hair to become dry and brittle. The easiest way to protect your hair from harmful effects of chlorine is to wet your hair with clean water and apply a mild conditioner before you step in into a pool. Alternatively you can also wear a swimming cap.

Finally, make sure you maintain a good diet. The fries and fritters may be tempting. However, it’s important to eat a balanced diet. Eat vegetables, chicken, eggs etc. Drink plenty of water as well.