Rangpur wears festive look to welcome ‘Pahela Baishakh’


13th April, 2019 03:39:17 printer

Rangpur wears festive look to welcome ‘Pahela Baishakh’

Rangpur city has worn a festive look with people rushing to local markets for purchasing colourful clothes and goods to welcome the ‘Pahela Baishakh,’ the first day of Bangla New Year-1426, on Sunday.

The district administration, Rangpur City Corporation, Shilpokola Academy, government departments, Sommilito Sangskritik Jyote, dozens of socio-cultura and literary and other organisations and educational institutions have decorated the city colourfully.

Different markets, shops and shopping malls were overcrowded making the salespersons extremely busy in selling ‘Baishakhi’ clothes and other items on the weekly holiday today only a day left before the celebration of the traditional festivity.

Talking to BSS, sellers and traders said many young girls, adolescents, students, housewives and men are thronging roadside shops, markets and shopping malls to purchase ‘Baisahkhi’ goods.

The people are mostly purchasing ‘Baishakhi’ clothes like red-bordered white and yellow ‘saree’, coloured ‘punjabi and shirts, bangles, ‘punthi necklace’, bands, shoes, cosmetics and other items to beautify themselves to welcome the ‘Pahela Baishakh’.

While talking to BSS at ‘Churi Patti’ of Nababganj Bazaar, schoolgirls Manjila, Anju, college students Mouri and Anamika Das said they were purchasing mostly red-coloured glass bangles, ‘punthi necklace’, hair bands and cosmetics.

Students of Begum Rokeya University Asrukona Roy, Mahfuza and Ankhi said they purchased red-bordered white and yellow sarees, red-coloured glass bangles, ‘punthi necklace’, flower bands and other colourful clothes.

“Wearing of colourful ‘Baishakhi saree, ‘punthi necklace’ and flower bands at hair bun, eating ‘Pantha Bhat’ with ‘Pat Sak’, ‘Shutki’ and spicy ‘Aloo Bhorta’ adds extra pleasure to ‘Baishakhi’ celebrations,” said university student Aklima Khatun.

Housewives Yasmin Begum, Kamini Roy and Sonali at Salek Market said they purchased Baishakhi clothes, for their husbands, sons, daughters, sisters and other family members despite higher prices of every item this year.

Trader Akbar Hossain said he was very happy to sell huge glass bangles, ‘punthi necklace’ and many other Baishakhi items to the thronging women, girls, adolescents and men as the sales reached at the peak today.

Salesman Mohan said he was selling each dozen of red-coloured ‘Reshmi bangles’ at Taka 90 to 130, ‘Dhamaka set metal bangles’ at Taka 130 to 160, ‘Mou bangles’ at Taka 200 to 300 and red-coloured metal bangles at Taka 250 to 350.

Bangle Trader Mohammad Islam at Mini Super Market said young ladies, girls, adolescents and housewives were purchasing glass bangles as well as ‘punti necklace’ and other goods from his shop today.

“Ornament sets with soil-works are being sold at Taka 100 per set, three-layer red-white mixed coloured bangles at Taka 250 per dozen, back stone bangles at Taka 350, smaller red-coloured ‘punti’ necklace at Taka 200, two-step red coloured ‘punti’ necklace at Taka 350, red rose band at Taka 130, antique set band at Taka 1,500 to 2,200,” he said.

Another trader Arman Hossain at Rangoon Shopping Complex said girls are mostly purchasing ‘Dul’ of ear, bracelets, ‘Jorry’ and bags along with bangles, ‘punti’ necklace and hair bands to decorate them more magnificently to welcome ‘Pahela Baishakh.’

President of Rangpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mostafa Sohrab Chowdhury Titu said business centres are expected to witness a record sale of ‘Baishakhi’ items as buying capacity of the common people has increased largely in the last 10 years.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Enamul Habib said leak-proof security measures have been taken to welcome ‘Pahela Baishakh’ with traditional festivities and complete the celebrations peacefully before the sunset on Sunday.