Baishakhi vibe on at Bailey Road

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11th April, 2019 08:38:29 printer

Baishakhi vibe on at Bailey Road

In Bangladesh, Baishakh always blooms by shaking off the previous glooms and welcomes the Bangla New Year with renewed vivacity.  Baishakh brings with it a whole new flavour of festivities and celebration, especially in Dhaka. We can’t deny that Pahela Baishakh is the integral part of our culture and heritage.


I always enjoy pre-Baishakh celebrations -- from my childhood. When I was a little girl, I got overexcited to buy matching bangles with my Baishakhi saree. Most of the time it ended up with white and red colored `Kaach er churi’ (glass bangles).

A few days ago, I went to Bailey Road for some work and while walking on the footpath, I started reminiscing my old pre-Baishakhi days.


Baishakhi vibe is going on in full swing at Bailey Road and it’s still as the same as before. I found the same ‘churiwali’ lady who still sells her beautiful glass bangles on the street. I stopped there and started clicking her photos with numerous colours of bangles. She looked at my camera and smiled. Her beautiful broad smile never gets old as I used to see them from my childhood when I lived near Bailey road for quite a long time.



We all know that this iconic buzzing street is a hub for the shoppers. A few steps later I found all the old mannequins adorned with gorgeous red and white themed Baishakhi sarees in front of the saree shops. I so wanted to buy a saree but then restrained myself as I don’t have any space for not even a single saree in my wardrobe.



Suddenly, I noticed a big banner named `Baishakhi Mela’ decorated with twinkling lights and people were buzzing around the fair. Baishakh and Baishakh everywhere!

So many things were happening at one place and I just enjoyed this pre-Baishakhi vibe to the fullest.


Source: UNB