Boishakhi Design and Makeup

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Boishakhi Design and Makeup


The Boishakhi Design and makeup are other elements for participating Boishakhi Function in Bangladesh and other countries. Normally we wear red and white color for Boishakhi dress or sharee. Boishakhi Design means the Process which you will follow to embellish yourself. Not only the Saree but also some other requirement also need. So, collect some match elements like the Matching Churi, fita which directly match with the Sharee. Maximum times, Bangladeshi Women wear Red colors Churi, Fita on the hair. Make yourself as an Original Bengali on the Pohela Boishakh celebration.


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Though the boishakh is full of Summer so, use light makeup. Summer means sweating, so use water proof makeups to look shiny and fresh all day long.   


Here are 10 easy makeup hacks that one should follow while taking on Boishakhi makeup:


  • Keep some ice cubes in fridge at the previous night and before putting on your make, rub ice-cube on clean face for 5 minutes


  • Conceal the spots nicely before putting on a very light coverage foundation


  • Choose the best shade of foundation by testing products on your neck— not your forearm or wrist


  • Use your compact with a powder puff, dab it on face to set both the foundation and concealer, and get a smooth finish


  • Apply makeup setting spray on the puff or a brush, and apply on face to lock the makeup from melting down in sun


  • Contour the cheekbone area with a matte bronzer and highlight the check with a peachy blush


  • Do a natural eye makeup, using basic brown shade, and black to get a natural eyelook, try to make it matte, as shimmer in daylight does not look good


  • Use a small piece of scotch tape to flawlessly apply liquid eyeliner


  • Apply mascara without making a mess, and with a simple spoon


  • Use matte lipstick and define your cupid’s bow with lip liner by creating an “X” shape. This will enhance your lip shape and ensure lipstick stays on longer q


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