Want to confess your love? Play it safe, but with honesty

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14th March, 2019 08:40:52 printer

Want to confess your love? Play it safe, but with honesty

It is always a brave move when you are approaching a person you are interested in. You never really know the consequences of a wrong word here, or a wrong move there. How you can express your genuine interest towards someone without being misinterpreted.


Line of Communication

For you to assume that the person will misconstrue you is very justifiable because a lot of people have trust issues. It is very important to first establish a line of communication and build trust. Communicate with honesty and empathy towards the other person’s life journey. Everyone has a grand design of their own lives. So, talk about their dreams, aspirations, professional aspects, family lives and values.


Keep the distance

The healthiest way to show your interest in someone is to maintain an appropriate distance from him/her.

This way, it becomes easy to win someone over with your conduct, which has to be proper. Be polite and put forth your proposal respectfully. That itself is a good indicator of the kind of person you are.


Mind your language

Most importantly, be sensitive in the way you talk to your person of interest. Avoid making crass comments or gestures. Verbal cues are a good indication of interest but at no point of time should they be out of line. It is important to know that you might get rejected and your language is the proper medium of accepting it gracefully.


Help or teach them

Introduce the person you are interested in to a certain facet of your life, personality or social circle, or widen their horizons by giving them a sneak peek into something that they otherwise wouldn’t have done — like trying a certain type of cuisine or weekend activity. This is basically about you being the initiator. This way, they will see you as someone who perceives value in them, so as to help them grow, develop and nurture hidden areas of their personality.



Source: Hindustan Times