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'China committed to implementing Belt and Road initiative'

  • Md Enamul Hassan from Beijing
  • 27th February, 2019 12:50:06 PM
  • Print news

China is committed to implementing Belt and Road initiative that features Consultation, Contribution and Shared Benefits, said Vice President of China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) Hu Zhengyue on Wednesday.


The vice president of the CPDA made the remarks while delivering speech at the joint opening ceremony of China Africa Press Center (CAPC) and China Asia and the Pacific Press Center  (CAPPC) Programme  2019 in Beijing, China.


The CPDA has initiated the 10-month long training programme in journalism under the banner of the China International Press Communication Center (CIPCC) Programme .


A total of 50 journalists, 16 from different countries of Asia and the Pacific and 34 from Africa, are participating in the programme.


For the journalists from Asia-Pacific countries, the vice president said, "We are connected by borderlines or seas and we are good neighbours, good partners and good friends." 


"We are all upholders and contributors of long-term peace, stability and prosperity of the region and China cherishes the friendship and momentum of mutually beneficial cooperation between us," he added.


Vice president Hu said CPDA will continue to serve as a bridge that connects people’s hearts and civil societies.


Media is a bridge through which people from all countries understand and communicate with each other, he maintained.


 "You shoulder an important responsibility of introducing facts and facilitate understanding and friendly exchange between people of your own country and other countries" he added.


The vice president also said this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the second Belt and Road forum for international cooperation will be held this year. 


"You will also be attending the interviews of a series of important domestic and diplomatic activities such as the two sessions and the Boao forum for Asia Annual Conference 2019," he added. 


After 10 months of exchange, participating journalists will have an in-depth understanding about China’s situation, he expected.


"I hope you can use your pen and camera to record what you have heard and seen in China, deliver objective messages, promote peace and friendship, facilitate win-win cooperation and introduce China in a comprehensive, real and three-dimensional way," he noted.


For African journalists, the vice president said China and African countries are both developing countries.


They have always been brothers and partners who help each other through thick and thin, he said. 


They are a natural community of shared destiny, and an important power to promote the world to develop toward more fairness and justice, he continued. 


"Our long histories, splendid civilizations, and traditional friendship knit us tightly together. Our hearts are connected," he added.


It may note that journalists from Asia and the Pacific are taking part in the programme under the banner of CAPPC, while African journalists are under the banner of CAPC.


Under the CAPPC, the diplomatic correspondent of the daily sun is taking part in the nearly-year-long programme from Bangladesh.


Participating journalists Mubarak Mugabo from Uganda and Keutkhuanchai Malychansy from Laos also spoke at the ceremony.


Among others, diplomats from different countries and senior officials of the Chinese government also attended the event.