Transformers at wrong places posing threats

24th February, 2019 10:11:07 printer

Electricity is a basic necessity for lives and livelihoods, but unsafe electricity is itself a great danger. How safely the government takes access to power to the doorsteps of people is an important question. As we know, power transformer is an essential device for electricity connection but any explosion of the device always carries the risk of fire accidents. Unfortunately, transformers are often installed at places where a large number of people gather. Transformer installation at such places sometimes invites danger. 

According to a newspaper report, staggering 39,000 transformers exploded across the country in three years from 2013 to 2014 for various reasons, including overloading and low-quality of the devices. There is no indication of any change in the situation till now. Many people lost their lives and many others were injured in the incidents of the transformer explosion. But the issue has remained neglected for long as the authorities are not giving due attention to it.

A study report says the high number of transformer blasts is an alarming sign which portrays the poor power distribution standard of Bangladesh. Let us draw an analogy between transformer blast rates in Bangladesh and Malaysia, where only three explosions were recorded in three years.

As reported, a high percentage of the total devices installed in the power distribution system are overloaded or faulty and are likely to be exploded any time. Illegal power connections provided by corrupt officials of the distribution companies lead to overloading on transformers and eventually the explosions. The low-quality transformers supplied by businesses in connivance with dishonest officials of the companies tasked with power distribution always bear the risk of explosion. 

Thus, it is urgent to remove faulty transformers from the power distribution system and relocate those posing threats to people’s lives and property.