Another landmark project in the making

21st February, 2019 09:22:45 printer

It is heartening to know that construction work of a 3.4 km underground tunnel under the Karnaphuli River in Chattogram is going on at breakneck speed. Expected to be opened by the end of 2022, the tunnel, named after the Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, will connect the port city with its southern part. Although there is a bridge on the river, the tunnel that is being built with a cost of nearly 10,000 crore taka will further improve road communication in the country’s south-eastern region and ease gridlock in the city.
Moreover, the tunnel once completed will facilitate a flurry of economic activities like tourism, industrial parks, special economic zones, deep seaport, power plants and LNG terminal in Chattogram and Cox’s Bazar. It will also help planned urbanisation on both the banks of the Karnaphuli, enhance facilities for the seaport and get the country connected with Asian highway network.
According to our report, already 32 per cent of the tunnel project has been completed and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is scheduled to inaugurate the boring work, the main component of the tunnel project, on Sunday.
This is another glowing example of how Bangladesh is rapidly developing against all odds. It is true that our society is still plunged in many manmade and natural tragedies which prompt cynics to question the whole development progress. For example, whenever there is a fire tragedy or road accident, critics of the government instead of commenting on how to improve the given situation ridicule the whole development agenda. This is nothing but misplaced compassion and it helps achieve nothing.
We have problems and those who are serving us have failures too, but questioning the whole system of governance, development work and GDP growth for an entirely different reason is nothing but lack of common sense. What is important here is to keep trying to improve our system of governance to overcome the existing problems.