8th span of Padma Bridge installed

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20th February, 2019 10:33:14 printer

8th span of Padma Bridge installed

The eighth span of the Padma multipurpose bridge was installed at the Jajira end of the structure on Wednesday. — sun PHOTO

The eighth span of the Padma Bridge was installed on Wednesday, making 1,200 metres of the mega structure visible.

The span of the multipurpose bridge was set up at Jajira point in Shariatpur.

The span 6-E was placed between pier-35 and pier-36 around 12 noon, engineers said.

Though the eighth span was scheduled to be installed in the morning, it was delayed due to heavy fog in the river.

With the installation of this 150-metre span, 1,050 metres of the bridge is now visible at Jajira point along seven spans at this point.

Besides a 150-metre span was installed at Mawa point of Munshiganj, they said.

The sources said the installation work of the eighth span was completed without any complication with the aid of local and foreign engineers.

Another span, 6-D, is set to be placed between pier-34 and pier-35 on the second week of March, they said.

A engineer of the project said that the bridge may be opened to vehicles from December next year.

After the completion of the bridge construction, the capital will directly be connected with 21 southern districts through road and railways.

Earlier, the first span of the bridge was installed on pillars 37 and 38 on September 30, 2017. The second span was placed on January 28, 2018.

The third span was laid on March 11, the fourth was placed on May 13 and the fifth span was installed on June 29, the same year. The sixth span was installed on January 23, 2019.

Meanwhile, over 60 percent work of the main bridge and 37 percent work of river training have been completed.

The main structure of the multipurpose bridge is 6.15km from Mawa to Jajira points and the rail transport system will be on the two-storey bridge. The total cost of the project is Tk 30,193 crore.

The government is constructing the bridge with its own fund after lending agencies withdrew their fund amid allegations of a corruption conspiracy.

Experts said Padma Bridge will hugely boost communications and trade.

The national economy is expected to witness 1.2 percent GDP growth rate, while 0.84 percent poverty will be reduced every year after the completion of the bridge.