2nd phase of Biswa Ijtema begins

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17th February, 2019 09:14:16 printer

2nd phase of Biswa Ijtema begins


The second phase of 54th Biswa  Ijtema has begun with "Aambayan" after Fazr prayers on the bank of the Turag River at Tongi in Gazipur on Sunday.

After the departure of the Jubair’s followers from the Ijtema ground, the followers of Maulana Muhammad Saad Al Kandhalvi will take part in the Biswa Ijtema on Sunday and Monday and hold their Akheri Munajat on Monday.

BiswaI jtema, one of the largest Muslim congregations in the world, began on the bank of the Turag River on Friday with "Aambayan" (general sermons) by Pakistani Islamic scholar Maulana Ziaul Haq after Fazr prayers.

Muslims of Tabligh Jamaat from 64 districts of the country are staying on Ijtema ground while foreign devotees staying in their respective special areas.

A total of 175 gas burner stoves were set up to provide cooking facilities for foreign devotees at the Ijtema compound and healthcare centres have been set up at different parts of the venue along with first aid and other treatment facilities to provide health care services to the devotees.

Fifteen watch towers of police and 10 of RAB have been set up to ensure security for the devotees.


Special measures have also been taken to ensure uninterrupted supplies of electricity and water to the Ijtema ground.


Around 3.54 lakh gallons of freshwater are being supplied every day through 13 deep tube-wells. Fifty trucks are removing garbage from the Ijtema ground.


Bangladesh Railway has launched four-day special train services to carry devotees.Four trains — “Monajat Special-1,2,3,4” were operated on Dhaka-Tongi route on Saturday.


Two special trains will be operated to Tongi from Jamalpur and Laksham on February 17.


On February 18, eight trains will be operated on Dhaka-Tongi route, eight on Tongi-Dhaka, one on Tongi-Laksham, one on Tongi-Akhaura, four on Tongi-Mymensingh and two on Tongi-Tangail route.