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An Attempt To Raise Awareness About Plastic Waste

24th January, 2019 09:04:27 printer

An Attempt To Raise Awareness About Plastic Waste

An open exhibition by Daag Art Station titled ‘Bojro Namta’, curated by Artist Masum Chisti, was held on January 18, 2019 at Ali Ahmed Chunka Auditorium, Narayanganj. The exhibition was a result of a week-long art workshop, conducted with a view to saving the city from harmful impacts of plastic waste and participated by nine students of Narayanganj Fine Arts Institute.

With the help of the artworks created from the collected plastics and other wasted materials the artists raised their voice against pollution. The sole purpose of the exhibition was to create awareness about pollution caused by plastic. Though many institutes are working on recycling, these initiatives are not enough to stop pollution. So, this exhibition was just another attempt to save the land, city and humans.

“Day by day our world is turning into a planet of plastic. We have to save the world. Daag Art Station wants to spread this message among the inhabitants of Narayanganj through the artworks of the local artists. Narayanganj, along with the river Shitalakhya, is one of the most polluted cities in the country. So we are trying to raise awareness among our people,” said sculptor Nasir Ahmed, coordinator of Daag Art Station.

The exhibition attracted a large number of audience and art lovers.