p No scope for BUTEX students to stay unemployed: VC | 2019-01-20

No scope for BUTEX students to stay unemployed: VC

Syed Muhammad Shoeb

19th January, 2019 09:45:30 printer

No scope for BUTEX students
to stay unemployed: VC

Professor Engr. Mashud Ahmed

At a time when unemployment rate among educated graduates reached all time high in the country’s history, Vice Chancellor of Bangladesh University of Textiles Professor Engr. Mashud Ahmed can proudly proclaim that students of his university have no chance to stay unemployed. Rather, there is such high demand for students of this specialised textile university that many of them are entering job market even before completing their graduation. And this is what makes the VC somewhat concerned. So, he asks students to take up job after completing education which will stand them in good stead in future.

Professor Engr. Mashud Ahmed says, “Even though there is a secure job market for our graduates, I managed to bring about a significant change in the education system of this university. Especially, I put more emphasis on multipurpose education system. I made the faculty members and students realised that we must think out of the box of having a secured job market and bring diversity in our work. As a result, students of this university are gradually cementing their position at various policy-making levels, including BCS.”

“Next year we hope to bring all of our former students who are scattered all around the world for a get together in the lush green campus of the university,” the he adds.

Textile engineering is a very prospective field of education in our country as textile, jute and Ready-Made Garments sector are the largest industrial sectors of our country and earns more than 80% of our export earnings. Textile, jute & RMG sectors are also most important sectors for creating employment opportunity and socio-economic development of our country.

Bangladesh University of Textiles started its journey on 22nd December 2010 upgrading of the College of Textile Technology with a view to create new opportunities for higher studies, research and development in this sector.


The VC says he firmly believes that with cooperation from all stakeholders he will be able to take the university’s education system and infrastructural facilities to an international standard. He has reasons to believe so because under his tenure the university achieved much progress, such as the number of facilities was increased from three to five and the number of departments rose from eight to 14, while the number of students rose from 410 to 600.

He, however, thinks that the biggest achievement in his tenure so far is getting approval of a full organogram for the university from the government. The university was run without any organogram for four years after its inception. But when the current VC took the helm, he managed to get it.

An enriched curricula and syllabus is the prerequisite for quality higher education and research. But when the university was launched the curricula was devised hastily. And for four years it was not updated. But when Professor Engr. Mashud Ahmed took over on February 10, 2015, he took steps to update it and made it time-befitting. Even the academic curricula and syllabus of its six affiliated colleges were made more modern and timely.

Meanwhile, in order to increase infrastructural facility a 15-storey building academic building named Bangabandhu Academic Building is being built. Already construction work up to 7-storey of that building has been completed. Besides, a 6-storey residential hall has been built and was named after national leader Syed Nazrul Islam. Moreover, some other existing residential halls including Sheikh Hasina Hall, MAG Osmani Hall and Sahid Aziz hall have been expanded and redecorated. A host of other infrastructural facilities have also been developed. But most importantly, the current VC increased the number of teachers from mere 56 to 136.

Landmark achievements have also been made in many other sectors of the university, but the VC says, “We have come far, but yet to reach our desired destination, because our dream is to reach for the sky, and we just learned how to fly.”