Abortion: Woman 'refused termination' at Dublin hospital | 2019-01-19

Abortion: Woman 'refused termination' at Dublin hospital


19th January, 2019 01:12:13 printer

Abortion: Woman 'refused termination' at Dublin hospital


A woman in the Irish Republic was refused an abortion despite her unborn baby being diagnosed with a fatal foetal abnormality, the Dáil (parliament) has heard.


It is alleged that the termination was denied at Coombe Hospital in Dublin.


The woman was told she must wait four weeks to see if there was a spontaneous miscarriage, the Dáil was told.


Coombe Hospital says it currently lacks the resources to provide a full range of abortion services.


Abortion became legal in the Republic of Ireland last month after a 66.4% vote in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment.



The Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Act states that a termination is allowed when two obstetricians confirm that the foetus will not survive outside the womb.


The woman is reportedly considering travelling to England for an abortion.


This case has raised questions among pro-choice activists about whether hospitals in Ireland are fully prepared and willing to implement the new law.