Flyovers lie littered with dirt | 2019-01-17

Flyovers lie littered with dirt

Environmental pollution turns alarming

Ahamed Ullah

16th January, 2019 10:39:16 printer

Flyovers lie littered with dirt

Kuril flyover in the capital lies littered with huge dust and dirt, posing a threat to public health, but the authorities concerned appear to be indifferent to its cleanliness. The photo was taken on Wednesday. – SUN PHOTO

Most of the flyovers in the capital have become dumping grounds of dust and dirt, posing a serious threat to public health.

Pile of dust is found on both sides of the city  flyovers every day and dust swirls everywhere   when wind blows.

Many locals said road accident may take place anytime due to piles of dirt and dust on flyovers.

But the authorities concerned are turning a blind eye to regular cleanliness of the flyovers,  they alleged.

The residents living around the flyovers complained that they are facing physical problems due to dirt and dust. Their living conditions are severely being affected.

To keep their houses clean has been almost impossible. Their utensils and furniture are getting rusty due to the constant exposure to dust.

Most of the passers-by and commuters wear masks or covered their noses due to huge dust.

During a visit to Kuril flyover, this correspondent found that dust was swirling and dirt mound was kept on the sides. Accident may occur anytime.

The people of the area are also suffering for huge dust.

Farhana Anika, a resident of Kuril area, said every day as she goes to his office by rickshaw and frequently suffers from allergic problems for dust pollution.

“I use mask to avoid dust wind, but that’s not enough,” she said.

Moghbazar-Mouchak-Malibagh flyover is in a sorry state as dirt was seen here and there on the flyover.

Environmental activists say dust pollution has already reached an alarming stage, but there is hardly any initiative visible to address it.

Bangladesh Poribesh Andolan (Bapa) general secretary Dr Abdul Matin told the daily sun: “This is happening due to lack of proper supervision of flyovers. The management should look into the matter.”

“Vehicles are moving very fast on the flyovers, so accident may occur anytime due to dirt mound on its both sides,” he added.

He also said, “Airborne dust has been emerging as a severe threat to the city-dwellers. Dust contributes to lung diseases and allergy.”

Dr Rahmatul Bari, senior consultant-pulmonology (Respiratory Medicine), told the daily sun: “Different physical difficulties, including heart disease, eye problem, lung diseases and kidney failure may happen for inhaling dust. There is silica and lead in the dust which is very harmful to our health. Cancer may also occur for dust.”

Chief engineer of Dhaka North City Corporation Brig Gen Jubair Salehin told the daily sun: “Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) is responsible for any problem of Kuril flyover.

Ziaul Haque, director of the Department of Environment (air quality management), said: “Road dust is the biggest source of pollution for different unplanned construction work, posing a severe health threat to city dwellers.”