Coal import stopped again through Tamabil port | 2019-01-16

Coal import stopped again through Tamabil port

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16th January, 2019 10:11:41 printer

Coal import stopped again through Tamabil port

Having resumed just 15 days ago, import of coal from India through the Tamabil port in Sylhet was halted again on Wednesday morning after an Indian court decision imposed a ban on lifting coal.


If the situation persists, some 4-5000 workers look set to become unemployed while importers must count their losses due to losing business.


Tamabil Coal Importers Association joint secretary Elias Uddin Lipu said, traders credited more than Tk 200 crore in last 15 days for importing coal from India. Many traders do their business by taking loan from bank, their interest also increasing, he added.


Coal worker Abdur Rahim said, we are facing difficulties with our children and family as import suspension grabbed our work.


Tamabil Tax station Superintendent Nurul Islam said, Indian traders stopped exporting coal from Wednesday morning without any letter.


The exchequer too will lose almost Tk 1 crore in daily revenue due to the stoppage, Nurul Islam added.


The most frustrating thing of all must surely be that there is seemingly nothing any of the stakeholders on this side of the border can do to change the situation, with the matter being sub-judice in the Indian court system.