‘Afghan Justin Trudeau’ finds TV fame

15th January, 2019 10:39:32 printer

‘Afghan Justin Trudeau’
finds TV fame

One is the leader of a G7 nation and the other is a wedding singer, but their striking likeness could sway a TV talent contest in Afghanistan, reports BBC.

Abdul Salam Maftoon from north-east Afghanistan has won fame for his resemblance to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The 29-year-old is competing on the popular singing contest Afghan Star. A judge on the series pointed out the similarity, and Maftoon is now among the final eight contestants.  

“I didn’t know anything about Justin Trudeau until I saw the photos on social media,” the wedding singer from Badakhshan province told AFP news agency.

“The resemblance has boosted my chances of winning the competition by 50percent.”

Afghans have posted numerous comparison pictures online.

One of the show’s judges, Afghan-Canadian musician Qais Ulfat, told the BBC that he first noticed the resemblance when training up the 12 contestants who made it through to the finals.

“I noticed he looked a lot like my prime minister,” he said. “So I started giggling around with the host.”

The resemblance was pointed out on air, and  Maftoon quickly became a celebrity.

“Since then he’s gone viral,”  Ulfat said. “Everyone’s talking about him on social media.”