Shafi’s remarks on girls education ‘unexpected’ & ‘regrettable’: BNP | 2019-01-13 |

Shafi’s remarks on girls education ‘unexpected’ & ‘regrettable’: BNP


13th January, 2019 05:27:14 printer

Shafi’s remarks on girls education ‘unexpected’ & ‘regrettable’: BNP

BNP on Sunday expressed wonder over the ‘unexpected’ and ‘regrettable’ remarks by Hefajat-e-Islam chief Allama Shafi asking not to send girls to schools and colleges.


“I have got stunned and surprised at Hefajat-e-Islam Ameer Allama Shah Ahmed Shafi’s comment not to send girls to schools and colleges,” said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.


In a statement, he further said the statement against women education by Allama Shafi is unexpected and regrettable.


He said such remarks in the 21th century will only embarrass Bangladeshis to the international community.


Mentioning that there is no conflict between women education and religion, Fakhrul said BNP thinks women’s development and real empowerment will not be possible to ensure if women are not enlightened with proper education.


Allama Shafi at parogramme in Chattogram’s Hathazari on Friday urged parents not to send their daughters to schools and colleges for further education after they complete fourth or fifth grades.


Shafi said, “If you allow your girls to be educated up to eight, ninth or tenth grade, or to have MA or BA degree, they would no longer remain yours. Somebody else would take them away from you after marriage. Don’t you see incidents like this in newspapers?”