Cane toads filmed riding python’s back | 2019-01-02

Cane toads filmed riding python’s back

1st January, 2019 10:43:10 printer

Cane toads filmed riding python’s back

Some called it the Outback Uber - 10 cane toads have been caught riding a python, reports BBC.

Paul Mock, of Kununurra in the far north of Western Australia, filmed the bizarre sight after a heavy thunderstorm on Sunday night. The animals were trying to escape an overflowing dam on the Mocks’ property when the toads came up with the novel form of transport.

 Mock sent the images to his brother Andrew, who then posted them online.

 Speaking to the BBC, Mock explains he had ventured out after a bad thunderstorm that dropped close to 7cm (2.7in) of rain on Kununurra in the space of an hour.

“I went out and the lake had overflowed,” he says, and realised the toads, who nested around its edge, were fleeing the rising waters.

“Thousands of toads were all trying to find somewhere to go,” he says. “And then I saw Monty our local python with a bunch of hitchhikers on his back.”