Bank holiday to be observed till Monday | 2018-12-28

Bank holiday to be observed till Monday


28th December, 2018 01:07:32 printer

Bank holiday to be observed till Monday


The country’s banks had their annual closure of accounts for 2018 Thursday as bankers commenced a-four-day leave.


Given the weekend on December 28th and 29th , the government-declared national holiday on occasion of 11th parliamentary election on Sunday December 30th, and bank holiday to be observed the day after as declared by the banks,  the annual closure was brought forward to Thursday.  So they will resume office from the New Year 2019.


Earlier the central bank gave notice to close annual accounts within Thursday.



Bangladesh Bank Executive Director Sirajul Islam told UNB that they were able to complete all banks accounts smoothly today.


“We will observe bank holiday on December 31. So we would begin official duty from January 1, 2019,” he also said.


However, most financial non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and insurance companies would  remain open on December 31 as they are out of central bank regulations.


Syed Hammadul Karim, General Manager of MetLife Bangladesh, one of world’s leading financial services companies said: “As MetLife is insurance company so we have to work December 31 as well. Even though, they got a-three-day leave from today. They will close the accounts of the current year on the last day.”


Farid Ahmad, regional Manager of the country’s popular NGO Sajida Foundation, said that they too closed their annual accounts on Thursday, to get four day leaves officially. Although, we have as special duty on Monday.  However, we will begin official duty from the first day of 2019.