BNP leader Mosharraf faces sedition charges | 2018-12-13

BNP leader Mosharraf faces sedition charges

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13th December, 2018 10:30:08 printer

BNP leader Mosharraf faces sedition charges

A sedition case has been filed against BNP standing committee member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain with Daudkandi Police Station in Cumilla on Thursday.


Daudkandi Upazila Parishad Chairman Major (retd) Mohammad Ali Sumon filed the case against the BNP leader for seeking Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI help in upcoming national election scheduled on December 30.


A leaked telephone conversation between Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, BNP standing committee member, and ISI agent Mehmud had revealed that Pakistani intelligence agency Inter-services Intelligence is secretly helping BNP in the next general election.


It has become clear that ISI is working to make BNP victorious in the next national poll.


The Pakistani spy agency was also asked for pursuing Chinese support in fever of BNP.


Mosharraf Hossain was ‘plotting to sabotage’ the 11th parliamentary elections during the conversation with Mehmood, a Dubai-based operative of ISI, Ali alleged in the case.


He urged the police to take necessary steps in line with the law.


Alamgir Hossain, officer-in-charge of Daudkandi Police Station, said they accepted the allegation from Ali, but any sedition case needs permission from the home ministry to proceed.


“We’re preparing to send the matter to the top authorities,” the police official added.


It has also been revealed through the conversation that ISI is making contacts mostly from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) while it also suggests the agents for travelling to Saudi Arabia under the guise of Umrah performers to meet in that country.


Transcript of the telephonic conversation is as below--

Mosharraf: Hello, Assalamualaikum brother!


Mehmud: Assalamualaikum brother. How are you?


Mosharraf: Fine, thank you.


Mehmud: I am really pleased to hear you after a long time.


Mosharraf: Yeah! Yeah! You remember we met last time in Islamabad?


Mehmud: Yes… yes!


Mosharraf: And you know that with whom you visited me?


Mehmud: Yes… yes!


Mosharraf: How are you? Where are you now?


Mehmud: I am Alhamdulillah fine and I am here at Dubai now. So...I think… we can… sometimes… whenever you are available… whenever you manage… we can… you need to meet me first. If it is possible for you.


Mosharraf: Yes, can I explain? You know that we are really now in crisis. I have several cases. And with the excuse of one case my passport is seized. I can’t go out of the country. This is my position.


Mehmud: I think once you met one of our office holders there also. Am I right?


Mosharraf: Yes...yes. I met your man here.


Mehmud: Yeah. It’s okay. But it is necessary if you manage to come one day.


Mosharraf: Yeah… I would love to do that… and I know that if I could come, it would be more fruitful! But what I want to tell you is this opportunity that from your side, you can try to help us. We are in crisis. You know everything.


Mehmud: Yes.


Mosharraf: You know everything I think.


Mehmud: Sure! That’s why… that’s why… I said… you are our only friend there now. We wanted to discuss all this with you...


Mosharraf: Yes. I want to be and I am still what you think! But practical connection…communication is impossible for me to come out. I know that it would be fruitful but what I want to mean that I will meet your man here. You can get the message. But now what I like to request you that, from your side if you can cooperate with China. Then in Bangladesh it will be useful before the election.


Mehmud: Yes, absolutely! That is already on the table. And it is being done. That’s why, we wanted to do as a representative whenever it is possible to visit the places it would have been better. Because, in would have talked to them also. But now as you are saying that it is not possible for you.


Mosharraf: Personally if you want from your this office. If you want any alternative person. I can arrange. But for me it is not possible.


Mehmud: Okay...okay! I understood your point. And along with this keep trying… may be one… sometime...if it is possible for you to come over for some reasons...may be on medical reason… or may be on Umrah etc. So we can arrange meeting with you there. But meanwhile...we will try to contact you through somebody there at our office. Is it okay?


Mosharraf: Yes. If you can assign somebody from your office here, I can try and different time I can communicate to you or your side.


Mehmud: Yeah...sometimes...we will continue to each other. I got your point what you have told me. I will definitely convey this to my boss, and he will work on this. And I will apprise you about it. And at the same time...we will see how to remain in communication from your place. And continue finding the possibility outside also...right.


Mosharraf: Thank you very much...Thank you!


Mehmud: Thank you very much...and very kind! And kindly remain in touch! Because, it is crucial time for all of us. And we have to cooperate; and move forward for our aim to achieve Insha Allah!


Mosharraf: Yes! What we also think very seriously...that we need to cooperate each other. We are in crisis, we need help!


Mehmud: Yes… yes! We understand that. It is already on the table...and that’s why we said...we thought...why not to...sometime finding the possibility to meet you? But as you suspect it is not is little difficult. So we will find out how to communicate with you. And at the same time continue our effort, to meet you sometime...somewhere. Okay?


Mosharraf: Okay...Thank you! I will also try. I’ll keep trying to get my passport back so that we can arrange that.


Mehmud: Yes…

Mosharraf: And I can communicate with your man here.


Mehmud: Okay...I’ll you know about this option also...communicating with the man there. And at the same time...we’ll remain in communication Insha Allah!


Mosharraf: Yes...I want to add contact with you. And you can consider me as your old friend.


Mehmud: Yes...yes! That’s why you know...I have made an effort to contact you…!


Mosharraf: Thank you very much for your cooperation! And I know that you did not forget us! That’s why you have tried your best to communicate with me.


Mehmud: Yes...Yes…


Mosharraf: I will be in communication with you. Through our friend, we will be in contact.


Mehmud: In Sha Allah...And regards to you and your family